BUG! Looting inventory player at a distance

Looting inventory player at a distance

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Inventory is not closed after the death of player

wait does this mean, if i wound someone, then I go up to them and click “Loot Player” while they bleed out. When they respawn at their sleeping bag, and grab a gun and ammo to come back and kill me. I will see it go into their inv, and I can just take it right out of their inv and into mine. If this is true, then that is kinda game breaking.

YES! You understood correctly :slight_smile:

Ok, then that is game-breaking and I’m glad you brought it to the attention of the community so that the devs can fix it quickly.

there are even more serious bug, but I’m afraid it here to spread

You should post it, that way the devs know about it and can fix it.

Otherwise on all servers will walk through the door, duping and teleport:(
Send to press@playrust.com

This is a shitty bug, but couldn’t you just avoid it by killing yourself in the console before they get to you?

Also I’m not sure what that first video was trying to point out? Are you trying to say looting a sleeping player is a bug?

The first video shows a bug where if you are in the process of looting a sleeping player, and the player happens to wake up while you are looting, you are still able to loot them as they run away. This bug isn’t really a big deal cause it does not really happen often.


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During the raid can transfer things from a distance, such as 1 piece c4
1 player stays home, the other goes to the raid and I see his inventory

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There are many options that you can come up with

Internet connection manipulations

…and this is the sort of thing that happens when developers trust the client and rely on client-side logic and security :frowning:

i don’t know if this has been pointed out, but when you loot a corpse, you can run away and continue looting it, while other people find it “occupied”. It’s so good.
This neat feature has though been disabled for airdrops, which is kinda sad.