[BUG] Maps not allowed to compile cubemaps

I’ve noticed that most of the maps that people are uploading to the workshop have no prebuilt cubemaps, which is not uncommon. The problem with this is that, unlike manual downloads, you cannot build them yourself. For most people, this isn’t a major problem, but for people that use gmod to make screenshots/comics/machinima, it’s an important feature, and one well worth fixing.


It is entirely up to the uploader. You can extract the map and build cubemaps then. Or you expect garry to allow anyone edit uploaded to workshop maps?

There either needs to be a clear explanation for end users on how to extract the maps themselves or there needs to be an exception in this case. A map without compiled cubemaps is unfinished at best and unusable at worst. It has no effect on gameplay and to this day I wonder why it breaks consistency checks.

I dont think the map you play is loaded right from the workshop. I guess the “buildcubemaps”-command only affects your local copy of the workshop-file.
The Cubemap-issues may be caues by the new type of content-compression in the .gm-archives

Yeah, it is loaded from .gm files on your computer, but GMod always checks if the file you have is EXACTLY the same as in workshop, if not, then the files is redownloaded. Rebuilding cubemaps will change the .gm file and won’t be the same, so it will be redownloaded upon restart.

So that means you have to download the map, then extract it from the .gm-archives and put it in your addon/maps-folder, rename it and then you’ll be able to build cubemaps in the ‘new’ map…

That is counter-intuitive to the whole idea of the “click and play” nature of the workshop.

Yes, there is a workaround, but we shouldn’t really need to use it to do something this simple.

It’s up to the map maker to build proper cubemaps.

That’s what I said. And if you want the proper cubemaps, you make sure you post this in the comments for that map, so author rebuild them and update the file.