[BUG]No Crafting Menu

Helk said he wanted me to post a screenshot of this, so here it is.

Compared to the guy below me I also seem to be missing a good chunk of the rest of the HUD elements as well. Running this on Firefox.

Ditto, here’s mine.

Seems like I was right, I’m also missing a good chunk of my HUD as well.

Looking into this, what browser/OS are you using ?

Lazy mans bug fix: Don’t use full window

FireFox (Up to Date), Windows 7. Happens both in full screen and small screen.

It would be great for anyone experiencing this issue to post here, I’m guessing that it has to do with backwards compatibility with DX9 ( since it seems your on XP? ). Let us know if your on XP or have a GPU that doesnt support DX11. I’ll be looking into the issue

This is my graphics card. Yeah I’m on XP but everything works in the smaller window.

Tried Chrome, it’s still not drawing most of my HUD or the craft menu.

In the small screen view, is the top of the unity player touching the website’s navbar? There’s supposed to be a gap.

When I first started playing a few hours ago, I instantly went full window and had the same issue, turns out the navbar was overlapping the unity player and hiding the UI buttons at the top. Removing the whole bar fixed it. (My resolution is 1920x1200 FYI)

i have xp and dx9 and have not experienced any problems (except people walking threw my damn walls)

I’m experiencing the same problem with chrome-- can’t see any HUD menus except for the inventory.

I’ll be putting up a new webplayer build in a hour or so. it wont fix the top bar, but the crafting window will be open by default when you press tab from now on

Any word on the actual HUD itself being missing in my case? It’s the same across 2 browsers and I’ve seen upwards of 5 people in the last day with the same problem posting in different Rust threads.

Been experiencing this as well, becomes really frustrating when I loot something I have to restart just because it causes my crafting window to vanish.

Using latest version of Firefox.