Bug or intention?

It came to my attention that the days and nights in Rust are now twice as long irl then a few weeks ago. The helicopter will come within a period of +two hours. And before, a few weeks ago, it was +one hour. I don’t have a problem with that. But all resources are now spawning twice as less.
And even if this is a survivalgame, what you devs don’t want, is bored players. Because they’re going to play other games.
So I don’t mind you make the days and nights longer in real time. But balance your resources respawning, So players aren’t bored and leave the servers.
I know, if you’re playing with more people, resources spawn more regularly. But servers with a few players aren’t that attractive to new players if most resources are gone and it takes a lot of time when they respawn.

Then go play COD then

Weird, I didnt noticed this at all. Also don’t remember that there was anything about this on twitter updates.

There was a problem with resource spawning on modded servers, but that’s gone now as far as I know.

I didn’t see it in devblogs either. But I experienced it at two vanilla servers.

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No, I saw this at the last two vanilla servers I’ve played at. And I didn’t read about this change in the devblogs. So I wondered if it is really intended or is it a bug of some kind?