Bug or Targeted ddos?

I play on Facepunch Milan, since always. Today was logging and the game was stuck loading, at “RECEIVING DATA”, so i press F1, put in “client.disconnect” and the game crashes, fair enough; i start again, try again, same result. So testing further i change server, and it works, i can join it easily. Last test was changing my name, maybe some wierd bug didn’t allow me to enter the game (as many months ago happened to me); yet no result. I can’t actually complete a log-in inside Facepunch Milan. I say complete because if i hit “status” the console tells me that i’m in, but i can’t pass through “RECEIVING DATA”. I hope that some moderator or anyone, can help me play with my group.

FIX: when stuck in the loading, press F1 and hit “kill”, then you can enter. shit.