Bug? Players blocking your door/entrance with wood walls.

Building wood walls infront of door leaving person trapped inside. or in other cases, denying you access to your constructs/home.

Is this legal? Exploit? Bug?

looks like they blew out your “Door Frame” and then replaced it with a wall.

exactly why they need to add on the house ownership. they have it so only the person who placed the wall can repair the wall so it cant be THAT much work to say ppl who didnt place the foundation cant build/snap to that foundation.

Just saying, that is a wooden barricade, and it’s destroyable using any melee weapon. Should’ve had that fire going when you started the video aswell, I couldn’t see anything because it was too dark. :slight_smile:

Are you sure? i sat there for 45mins swinging my hatchet and nothing.

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It’s a shelter. I asked a stranger walking past what he saw. Good news it’ll despawn eventually? Bad news this is a griefers wetdream. 50wood and you can completely destroy someones fun.

You can hatchet down shelters. It just takes a while.

What Rust should do is add a friends list, where the people added can build in a radius of your building. Now the radius should be awfully small, and people still should be able to build around it, but at least make it difficult

This is the most aggravating thing in this game. On my server there’s a group of 5 or so Koreans that go and raid/grief everyone’s base like this. I’ve been griefed about 10x more often than raided. People just build walls/ceilings around entrances and leave.

Is this something that’s promoted by the game as a viable tactic?

Edit: To clarify, I have nothing against getting raided. I love the thrill of knowing someone can break in and steal my stuff, but having them permanently destroy/disable a base because they put walls and ceilings to block it off is pretty stupid. Raiders should have tools to break in, not reconstruct your house so you can’t get in and have to suicide to get out.

Couldn’t have said it better myself funkywhale

You will have to hatchet it for a while, but not that long.

Not the point though. It’s plain stupid. It’s unproductive griefing, the only point of it is to trap you inside. No party benefits from this. I believe in raiding and damaging of property, but this is just plain stupid

best trolling tactic ever.

lol, but it’s stupid

It happened to my buddy. It was solid trolling and kind of funny to me and he had to suicide to get out(didn’t have any charges).
I however think it needs to be fixed asap. It is definitely griefing at its finest.