[Bug] Props falling through the ground.

Hi there !

I seek help on this forum because even after some research I never found any solutions, so I suppose that my bug is very specific.

So, here’s my problem : Everytime I try to spawn a prop or an entity, it falls through the ground and just disappear into the void. The only things that aren’t affected are : Alive NPCs and basic hl2 vehicules. Annnd, it makes the game quite unplayable. It happened after I downloaded the Neurotec Addons, but i’m not quite sure that the bug originates from here, as I haven’t played the game for some months and launched it only after downloading the addons, so impossible to say if it was here before.

I would be really grateful to anyone that could have any information about this problem, or even the solution if possible. I also hope that this thread can help anyone having the same issue.

EDIT : It did came from Neurotec Addons !

So i’m saying this for anyone having the same issue as myself : DO NOT download the workshop version of Neurotec, you have to get it by SVN.