[BUG]Random Death followed by black screen

  1. Name - Random Hero
  2. Time - 6:34 PM Eastern Time
  3. What I was Doing - Walking to a town

All I was doing was walking with two other people when I started to bleed out. I was taking around 20 damage each time, too. I clicked respawn and I got stuck at a black screen.

Thanks for the report. I’ll look into this

Were you able to respawn after reconnecting?

I’ve had this, its fine after reconnect

Random death seems to be related to an invisible zombie or something, it goes away if you run off

Does it occur more towards after initial connection, respawning or just at any time?

It seemed to be completely random because I hadn’t died in a long time and was playing for a while.

Black screen on death seems to occur completely randomly

As for the invisible zombies, it appears to also occur at basicaly any time

I dont think they’re related though, I’ve gotten black screens from dying to players too

I’m putting up a new build that may address this issue. Please post again if it comes up

Just reload the page.

why? just why? this is from 2013 ffs…