[BUG] Recipe Lost, Cannot spawn at sleeping bag.

Maybe I am reading or hearing it wrong from multiple people but after the server wipe about a hour into the game I got lucky and found some kevlar pants blueprints. After that I studied the plans, farmed some more resources and logged out.

My house got raided ( oke well shit happens ) I logged back in and found a new place. Put down my new sleeping bag and started gathering some more stuff. Died again because of a zombie and respawned back at my sleeping bag and then died again because I tried to get my stuff back when the zombie was still nearby. I then tried to respawn again at the sleeping bag and it said I had no valid repawn point. I then suicided a couple of times and after a while I could get back to my sleeping bag (I don’t know if this is a bug or a respawn protection feature)

Later on I finally managed to gather some more resources and thought oh yeah I have the kevlar pants recipe, I scrolled through my crafting menu : No Kevlar pants.

I always thought studied recipes where permanent. Anyways it doesn’t really matter its still a alpha but just curious if this has ever happened to anyone else or if this is normal.

Sleeping bags can only be spawned at every 5 minutes (could be a different timer). I have two sleeping bags in my house for such a scenario since it will alternate through them if one is on Cooldown.

Next time you spawn on your bag, try to pick it up right after, it will give the timer duration.

Dunno about your pants

This^ + its 4 min :stuck_out_tongue: or 222 sec or something, it shoudl give you the message on the bottom left!

I am very new to this website but have been interested in Rust about the time it went public, i didnt know you could ALTERNATE sleeping bags, sick idea.