Bug Report [Be4 deleting please read]<- 4 forum admins


I tried to report a bug but couldnt get through using the bug report section on the sight so please move this admin if u can or let me know how i should report it cause i failed.

I am playing the server named “testing” and one of the radioactive factory has spwned in or well placed. All i see when i enter the area are some zombies on the floor and some in the air (which i guess is meant to be a floor) there are no building and walls i just have to walk up to the boxes and loot them same with the zombies i have to just shoot them no matter if they are on the ground or in the air they fall down and the loot they carry also falls down with them… please look into it,

And once again i know the bug shouldnt be reported here but my big report page is broken so dont ban me/ delete the thread jst let me know where to move it or watever i have to do.