Bug Report: Crouching exploit

If you press your duck key at just the right time after releasing it, your eye position is way above your head while your model is tucked safely away behind cover.

I don’t know how many people know about this or if this problem is already being addressed, but it’s super cheap and ruins any deathmatch type gamemode with cover above your head when crouching and not while standing.

Example video:

I’ts not just the gamemode/server/me, I’ve tried it in several gamemodes on different servers and so have my friends.

I don’t know if anyone has posted about this, primarily because the fucking search is disabled. Oh well, the more people that know about it, the more bitching there will be and the sooner it will get fixed.

Pretty much every source game has this, its to stop people crouching and uncrouching really really really fast

Not sure why.

I tried it in tf2 and css and they don’t do it.

Not sure what you’re talking about.

Could always set an delay on crouching.

This bug is the end of GMod as we know it.

Actually it does, it was either patched or you are not doing it fast enough :v:

I’m doing it exactly the same way as in the video, it’s not doing anything.

It has nothing to do with speed. Wherever my eye position is in gmod after I release duck it sticks there. If I press it RIGHT BEFORE it’s completely standing it sticks just barely below where it would be if I were standing, only my model is crouched and no one can shoot me. I can shoot other people though. If this were happening in CSS there would be fan shit everywhere.

Regardless, it’s happening in gmod and it needs to be fixed.

Sorry I mistook what you wrote in the OP, i thought you were talking about the quickly crouch/uncrouch glitch where you could see over low walls yet your model and hitbox is still crouching

It’s similar, but that’s mainly caused by lag, this is caused by shitty coding.

Its not lag, it happens no matter what, its probably so you cant crouch and uncrouch really fast to avoid snipers and enemy fire

Are you retarded or something?

I remember doing this bug in HL1 : Counter-strike it was fun.