Bug Report: Hackers force suicide

I was standing in my house, when someone was running around it. Suddenly I dropped dead, first I thought he shot me through the wall, then I saw the suicide message “You commited suicide, you silly sod” or something like that. I’m 100 % sure I didn’t write suicide into the console. Somehow this guy forced suicide on me.

That has happened to me on several occasions and ticked me off a little, and to top it off, I got VAC-banned, not the hackers!

The hacker on my server had used “” as a name which makes his name invisible and also unkickable in the console. I was able to banid him, however I was not able to boot him.

US Central 4
Several people are complaining about a “suicide hack”
I was “suicided” inside my house 3 times in a row (one on my neighbooring house, two on my central base, both on Civilian Coast) 20 minutes ago…

Just suicided on Resource Coast while gathering wood -_-"

happening on our server right now

US Central 3 is overrun with this suicide hack at the moment. It’s all but unplayable. Please look into this!

Server admins. set fall damage (falldamage.enabled false) off, to avoid this hack for a bit while they fix.

Better than to die every time. Agree. I can kill myself by spikes etc.

This happened to me at 9:39PM MST on US Central 1 by a player named “Derp” although when I checked the current player list he wasn’t there. He walked by me naked and I died instantly but saw his name.

This seems worse than the aimbot hack as it appears to be area of effect?


1 - VAC does not ban people for dying,bugs or anything like that. Please if you are going to start with " i got vac-banned for nothing " at least post this on the right place as facepunch has nothing to do with your VAC situation.

2 - VAC only ban after an valve employee analize the data they recieve and search for anything abnormal (aka hacks ). If they found somenthing you get banned. If not you do not get banned.

Simply as that.

Either way, contact valve to get your story and situation clear.

PS: You can also get vac banned for extreme flame,bad words,racism,abuse and the rest of the general rules.


Not true, VAC is a fully automated system. There is NO Valve employee behind it. And you dont get VAC-banned for flame, bad words, racism and so on…

Alot of this happening in Aus official aswell

Died about 15 times to this today

That’s false, drunkenf00l was manually VAC Banned on team fortress 2 for releasing the times for when the golden wrench would drop, thus helping players on his server get the golden wrench

That was a one-time exception. IIRC he exploited some privileged information and wrote a script to help him out. Find any more examples? No, because there aren’t any.

I believe there’s a few more that I can’t recall – also on a funny note, drunkenf00l vac ban was lifted and he was hired as an employee for valve

Wow hold up, i wasn’t complaining, although i am angry, i was just stating a fact.

US Central 1

Been happening all day. Died about 25 times so far.

Any word on if Devs are workign on this?

Just because you see thier name does not mean they are the hacker. I died in my base with no one at all around to see me over and over again. The one time I saw a guy he got suicided right in front of me and i’m not a hacker.

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I’m wondering why this new person to the forums was not greeted with a 3 day ban like so many others? He started a hack thread instead of posting on the official hack thread. How come some people get banned for this and others don’t?