Bug report

Lately I’ve gotten the bug twice, first I saw it my friend was inside his base moving around, but his character was outside frozen, and I could deal damage. Second time 2 guys who live next door to me were inside their base and they’re actual person was inside mine. I immediately killed them because I thought they had broken in, seconds later I was accused of shooting through walls. Problem?
I fear they will report me for hacking and I put this post up to clarify anything that may arise from this issue.

The person who cant see other people moving needs to restart their game/computer/delete cache, whatever works for you

The game is still in Alpha. Nuff’ said.

Sound familiar?

How about being helpful and offering solutions instead of using that tired line?

Yeah just a little <3

Sigh… I think you have missed the point… -_-

Did it 3 times. Same problem ( this was when my friend had the problem)

Some browsers seem to work better for some people than others, if they’re using firefox, have them try chrome and vice versa.

You have to know that the devs gave this game publicity, is because other people can find and suggest ideas and bugs.
You just don’t understand the concept of other people trying to help the devs to make the game better.

Great another person missing the point…

Look at P4RTYBOY237 Past Posts, then tell me I’m missing the concept…

Nonono, in alpha state, people post issues for the devs to fix. Its not like you have to let the devs do it theirselves. All P4RTYBOY237 was doing is trying to help, and actually commit to the game.
All you’re doing is putting others down, just because they’re posting bugs, for the devs to fix.
You’re missing the point…

You obviously don’t read… and seem to like making **false accusations…
There is a bug’s link here for devs to fix up bugs in game…

Another link of how party boys replys to other’s (Being My Point)

Anyways… if you still don’t understand my view…

It’s ok partyboy does.

Have a good day :wink:

This doesn’t explain to "The game is still in Alpha. Nuff’ said.

Sound familiar?"


Sound Familiar? Meaning i’m directing the question at party boy

In a few of his last comments he says those exact words “The game is still in Alpha. Nuff” said on a few threads.

At least this covers up.

Yep, I was being a smart ass for no reason. xD

You realize you’re asking somebody who isn’t a developer to fix problem you are having with the game