Bug report

So, after playing after the patch, i have a few bugs to report.

  1. No Radiation sound effect plays anymore when in irradiated area - Is this a bug? or ment to be?.

  2. Falling trough the ground when dying is now back.

  3. Still hearing 2 sounds on top of eachother when hitting a tree with hatchet. - anyone confirm this?

  4. I threw a grenade, it passed trough a wall and just dissappeared. didnt blow. just gone (the nade). - Was not able to replicate with more nades. anyone confirm?

  5. when looking at serverlist ingame, and trying to join a server that is full. the ‘‘report’’ that drops down that the server is full or w/e. is now behind the server list. and i cant read it.

I’ll add to this:

  1. Dying right after respawning at your sleeping bag causes you to die, but the game just keeps you dead, and u have to reconnect to the server in order to come back.