bug report

Hello devs,

so i have seen a bug that has not been patched as of yet, I assume to the fact that not very many have this bug nor do they report it, so here I am here to report it, the bug is you cant seem to scroll in chat anymore instead it kinda freezes until you hit enter or esc, this is a problem on most if not all severs, mainly the ones I play on that have the plugin HUNT RPG, this really does need to be fix please, another one and one I have not seen as much only once. is invisible players that are not admins and cant use that command just your normal player, though i have not seen it much it is still a stupid one and should be fix easy, though I know nothing of unity but still you guys have the knowledge to fix this so please do

thank you and have a nice day and good work on rust!


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As annoying as the bug might be if its caused by a plugin then its probably not something the devs should be spending their time on.

no I was even on a no mod sever…same thing, there for it is something in the games coding and i have asked other players in game and a few said that they had the same problems therefor it cant be a plugin issue…seeing as it was also on a vanilla sever, I used the plugin as almost an example that it is a problem…seeing as it is something you need to scroll with…