Bug Reports and General Experience

Been kinda wanting to offer feedback and report some bugs (I think?) that I’ve been experiencing, or otherwise make note of my feelings on the current version of Rust Experimental. Iunno, I got bored and some things popped up.

  1. Server restart bugs. First it was code locks disappearing (thank god that’s fixed, though now they reset which is still annoying), and now it’s storage boxes being cleared (not sure if that’s just on my server or not, but I store everything in furnaces now, otherwise it’s constantly at risk to worse than raiders).
  2. Floating, indestructible objects (i.e. storage boxes, lanterns, and tool cupboards), make for very un-immersive experience, and an annoying reminder when tearing down abandoned or enemy bases.
  3. Animals. Animals, animals, animals. Sometimes they get hit, sometimes they don’t. Also, I’d like to note that apparently if you get an animal angry near a sleeper, they will turn and kill the sleeper.
  4. Bows. It would be nice if when I aimed the bow, the arrow would hit further than a quarter of the distance it feels like it should. Bow aiming was already awful in Legacy, and now it’s less a problem of aiming and more of a problem of the bow being nerfed to being nearly useless past melee range.
  5. Armor. Does it do anything? I know it doesn’t report values in the inventory, but does it actually effect anything? P.S. All the snow jacket models are currently blue.
  6. Building. I loved the previous building system, but I can understand why it was changed. Though, where as the developers claimed it was becoming a “hammering simulator”, now it feels more like a “lumberjack simulator”, because the amount of wood you need to do most of anything is so ridiculous you either spend some time gathering a ridiculous amount of wood or you will be making constant trips out to go cut down some trees.
  7. Building: Pt. 2. Is there some trick I’m missing to building a base taller than a single floor? I’m currently building a second floor on my 9x9 base and as I’m building, random other pieces of the second floor seem to be falling without any reason (it reports 93%+ stability, so wtf?). The only reason I can think of possibly is that I demolished the pillars on the floor below, but that was only after setting walls and doorways to hold the ceiling up and make it a more difficult raid, so I don’t see what the problem is here beyond it being a possible bug. I’m scared to build higher, cause I don’t know if random pieces of my second floor will fall down while I’m trying to build my 3rd, 5th, 10th, etc. floor and cause the whole tower to come crumbling down to the first floor again.
  8. Combat, in general. Maybe I’m just awful at it, but it seems incredibly difficult to hit people with melee weapons/tools besides a rock when they’re moving. (Or at least, the rock seems slightly less difficult).
  9. Salvaged Hammer no longer works as a better Hammer.
  10. I’m not too sure about the tool cabinet aspect. On one hand it’s a decent way to prevent easy raids or griefing of your base, on the other it becomes pretty much a game of “can the raider find your cabinet and screw your entire build over?”. Also, we should be able to demolish building pieces that aren’t under the influence of a cabinet, I’d think, but we can’t. I also plan on testing some things regarding multiple cabinets in one base, and cabinets set just outside of the limits of each other, and the like, to see if there are any issues there (not sure if anybody else already has or anything).

I’m almost certain there were a ton more items I was going to put on this list, but yeah. Those are some of the main points. Note, this is not meant to be perceived as complaining or anything, just reporting my experience, issues/bugs I’ve found, and the like.

It is a good thought to post these, but reading through them most of these are things that have already been brought up by other people.

About the bow, I agree with you but I also know the plan is to have different tiers of bows. So its likely that this bow will remain shit, and better versions will be added that you have to work up to.

Metal armor will block bullets in the places that it actually covers the body. If you shoot someone in the face, the bullet will only penetrate if you aim through a hole like the eyes or back of the head.

problem is, this form of the tier 1 bow is pretty much unusable. the range really is about equal to a spear, and single shot before the reload animation. the sighting is about right, its just that the arrow drop is deadly.

Sorry, just did a very quick glance over the forums before doing this post. xD

So is the whole building-crumbling-as-I’m-building-it thing a bug or is there something I’m missing about the new building system?

When entering code lock codes I would like to be able to use the numpad. Trivial I know but the amount of time atm I spend having to re-enter codes this would really help.

The bow works fine you just need to know how to use it. Sight your target the. Raise the biw for the estimated distance. I kill all my food with the bow and i eat really well. The crumbling walls are a glitch and usually happens with me from the third floor up. So i never build more the. Three anymore and hat sucks but im sure it will ge fixed. Your other complaints are trivial in my opinion and will get addressed in due course

Hi Miilos, people will jump on you when you discuss bugs, saying that they have been posted before, but I don’t think that necessarily makes them non-valid topics to discuss. I agree with many of your points.

I would also add that as a Newman, with only 50% health, it is very hard to kill an animal. The bears and wolves will defeat you, (even if you craft a stone spear or hatchet), and the deers are impossible to catch. You can’t craft a bow until you have animal cloth, (catch 22), so all you can do is run after a pig for 15 mins…

Me too, I so much preferred the old system, but don’t get me started on that, I have already ranted on. Such a shame…

Me to, I am getting random walls just collapsing for no reason on the second floor. There doesn’t even seem to be any guiding logic. I place 8 walls the same, 3 of them will fall down? Also, it feels like your entire base is a house of cards. All the raider has to do is take out the right wall or foundation and the entire base comes tumbling down in 3 mins!

Me too, it seems to be based more on lag than skill. I can be armed with a shotgun or even thompson, and get beated in melee by a nekid with a rock. It feels wrong…

Main issue being, that it’s not “building” that’s restricted inside the 30 meter radius, it’s the “builder”. If you stand back outside the 30 meter radius you can happily build anywhere you want inside the exclusion zone.

Lol I saw a video on that one last night, and found it for myself when I woke up this morning to my base being torn in half by someone who used that exploit to get to one of my walls that probably randomly fell down. =P

Neil hillman i hate to be the one to point this out but your wrong about animals. A stone spear will easilt defeat a bear or wolf. Thats my first kill every spawn as they come to me rather than hasing them. Then i cook that meat get to full health and kill a couple more for the mats to craft my bow. Its not that hard.

I can accept the inability to build on a base protected by a cabinet. I know it’s intended to be an anti-griefing fix. But to not even be able to place a box or furnace down inside that zone is just ridiculous.

I must just be really shit at melee then (that’s possible), because most of the time, if I go up against a bear or wolf with only 50% health, I die… tried it about a dozen times earlier…

Just stop use the spear and spam the attack button while facing the bear. Two hits kills it and usually they only get one swipe at you. I usually stop bleeding at 28% or so. Then if youve crafted the stone axe you have three yummy wolf meats, two brings you to 100% health and one i reserve for the next bear or wolf. Easy as that.

walk backwards while you spear and you can sometimes stay out of the bears reach too;) but any lag spikes and the bastard will get you a few times lol.