Bug reports and Suggestions *Please watch*

**1.**Something you can place on windows and open\close it, before the last updated you could do it with a door, now there is no way to block it with the option to close and open.

**2.**Make Month of a player to move when you talk and if not, when someone press the “push to talk” button
You should see his name in the cornor

**3.**Hitting ores (breakable rocks) will make sparks around, it will be easier to see mining player on nights.

**4.**BEING CREATED (The idea that was here)

**5.**Trap door, option to open a way up/down, something like celling that can open up and down

**6.**Flare gun,uses flares as ammo,shoot them further then you can throw

**7.**Option to know who you killed, when youre killing a sleeping body

**8.**Crafting time of Paper should be shorter.

**9.**Crafting time near workbench will be faster (for items you can craft without workbench, and if youll walk away, it will cancel/add you crafting time

**10.**Furnace should make you feel comfort too

11. med-kit should fix broken legs (maybe only large one)

**12.**There should be way to create anti-rad-pills

**13.**Holding a torch should stop the statues effect “cold”, it gives more reason to craft torches and use them

14. A way to use bandage on someone, also medkit (small and large) and rad pill.

**15.**Option to know who killed you

**16.**Wooden signs could be great, i always wanted to place a mark near a base i raided

**17.**Controlable c4, that dosent explode after few seconds, but when you press, i will make you able to pickup the c4 and place it correctly\explode it in the right time to damage more peoples

**18.**A light source that can be placeable on walls and windows and doorways with one, you’ll place charcoal inside and it will disappear 1 for every half min, its a great sulotion for that spare charcoal from furnaces and campfires, it will look like oil lamp, this can be great for nights and you wont need to light your campfire

**1.**When someone hold “Stone hatchet” or “Pickaxe”, you’ll see him holding an Hatchet

**2.**When someone have mp5 or shotgun, it looks like m4 on his hand (maybe not m4, but big gun that dosen’t looks like one of them)
^ Those bugs Maks you unable to know which gun or tool your friend/enemy holds :confused: ^

**3.**You can’t see if you killed someone because of the new chat
^ This bug makes you unable to know who your killed and if you even killed him^

**4.**You can’t see if you dont have a camp (when choosing “camp spawn”) because of the new chat
^ This bug makes you unable to know if you still have base\camping bag respawn time ^

5. Sometimes when you climb on ore (breakable rock), you will jump high and fall, Most of times you get killed.




10..When shooting campfire or bag of someone who died, it will squirt blood

11. You can throw flares and granades into doors, it will pass and explode inside the base iron\wood

**12.**When opening a flare (Without throwing) , it will remove the flare, and if you place an item at the slot of the “lost flare”, the item will dissapear and the flare will be there

**13.**When someone hits your sleeping npc (without killing you), then you log in, you still have 100HP

**14.**You can place barricade inside someone’s house from outside also wood shalter


**16.**Sometimes when hitting a tree with a rock, it won’t give you anything and the next hit will give you (I’m not talking about “There is no wood left here”)

17.You can place wooden storage, big or small under sleeping bags

18.All pistols looks like the p250

19.The model of the supply signal docent look like the item icon

20.Animals get stuck on resources

21.You can place small stash inside some trees

22. If you get close to some trees you can see what behind them

23. If you open a flare without throwing it, then place it back in inventory then back in your hand it will be closed

24. You can get supply signal from crates that has been fallen by supply signal command, Thats an op loop.

25. This Critical bug - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v18_QXAeLJA can be used outside your house, if you know someone going to raid you

26. Zombies can hit you, even when you inside a building

27. When eating uncocked stuff, nobody hear your puke sound

Recently fixed bugs

You can now see durability and fixing
Reload exploit
If someone closed his flash light you can now see he did
Duping with crash
Stairs can now be placed to climb an fountain
Typing on chat won’t active anything

Suggestions that are now in-game\Being created (from this topic)
Door permissions
Supply Signal From Supply drop by Supply signal

I can confirm all of those bugs
and good ideas!

Added few bugs and suggestion descriptions.


Good feedback amitkilo!

Thanks :slight_smile:

Some of your “bugs” are not bugs.

Seeing only a hatchet is no bug its just they didn’t make other models yet.

And they said for the next update the weapons will look the same in thirdperson like in firstperson.

If you don’t have any sleeping bags anymore you only can do random spawn and if you click camp spawn you still get a random spawn. I don’t see the reason to show you if you do or not since it changes nothing at all.

Buildings get darker and darker. You just have to know how it works…

The fast reload on the shotgun is no problem in my eyes because I wouldn’t open the inventory during a fight and somewhere else than a fight there is no point of reloading the shotgun fast. But okay it still should be removed.


Well, some of them are still bugs that garry might dont know about.
add a new one…

An other suggestion, but why everyone vote it up as a dumb? :confused:

More suggestions and bugs, removed some fixed stuff

Can confirm all bugs but 13/14 have happened to me in the manner described. Also not sure if 2/3/4 are bugs but things the devs put in to increase realism.

These still not fixed… And i feel they need to be fixed the most.

4.Option to add permission to open your door, like a command, “/door XXX” (XXX=name of a player you want to be able to use your door)

I am most interested in hearing about this.
Did any of the devs ever speak about if this is close to being done or a high priority? I remember hearing somewhere that it was going to be based around combination locks…
I am not seeing much in a few of the threads I searched through, although going by the search it is brought up a lot.

*Two bugs has been fixed on the new update :smiley:
*Added three new suggestions

Really thanks for voting up this topic as a dumb, i even got two gold members!
But really, what is the reason? lol… everything here has been checked more then one time

Ignore it, you are on point with both the suggestions and bug list.

I only disagree with the mining sparks, its already fairly easy to find and kill someone mining, generally its hard to even notice/hear someone coming at you when you are mid-mine.

ALSO! Maybe not the mouth moving when VOIP is activated, but show on the side of the screen who is actually talking.

Umm great idea, ill add it :smiley:

More suggestions,bugs and fixed bugs

More bugs, suggestions and “bugs that being worked on” :slight_smile: