[BUG?] Rust is killing my Internet connection


Since one of the last updates it is a huge pain in the a** for me to play Rust.
Whenever I try to connect to a Server - my Router restarts. I have no clue why this is happening, sometimes it happens while trying to connect and sometimes after I spawned. This does not happen while playing any other Games or doing ANYTHING else on the Computer.

I got Windows 7 64bit, but I dont think this Information is needed here.
The Router is a “Fritz!Box Fon WLAN 7360 SL”, I got 50MBit DSL (50mbit down, 10mbit up).

After a few tries I am usually able to play on the Server until I disconnect.

Did you try another server?

I have a bug if im looking at the serwers if i exit and try to reconnect there is no serwers if i reboot my pc my internet is dead nothink is working i have to wait 10min to speak on skype or log in steam

I kinda have the same, Rust makes other applications, which requires internet, to dc &/or shut down.

I see this especially when using VoIP

This sounds similar to my problem. When I reload the server list I can connect, play and continue to use all already established connections. I am still connected to teamspeak, steam etc. but new connections are blocked. Seems like my provider is blocking new connections when spammed by reloading the server list. After a while everything works without any problems again. This should go into the Bug section. http://facepunch.com/forums/421

It’s because rust opens a ton of connections when scanning a server list. Basically, your router is shit and cannot handle the connections. Answer, buy a better router.

This is happening to me too. I look at my router and it’s showing the game hitting hundreds of ports until it finally forces the router to restart. I reported this a while ago and got no attention. This game is running over ports that are reserved for other uses by windows services and various other slots as well and I have no clue why a game needs over 100 ports. If I get multiple users on my network into the game it will happen faster. What’s strange is that it doesn’t happen all the time either, but I definitely see the game doing it when it does happen. I have no issues from any other game.

Also want to add my router isn’t a piece of shit. Got dozens of people on my connection for work, and a commercial grade router. So let’s fix the shitty programming shall we? Another thing accept the fact that there are problems and don’t be fan boys.

This could help you: http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1360994

Just found it in the Bugs section. Although it doesn’t seem to work for me.

It’s your router that flips out because it can’t handle the amount of incoming connections (each server). I have had the same experience before with refreshing server lists on steam or when using torrents with alot of connections and it got fixed when I got a new router.
It’s not really a bug, but facepunch should not force you to refresh all the server if all you want to do is look/refresh your history or friends tab. Either get a new router or connect through the console (F1)

So it’s normal for them to hit 100’s of ports? I don’t think so.

Yeah there’s an absurd amount of ports being slammed when I play this game. Which is a bit nuts, and normally that’s carried on since I bought the game around christmas.

No, buying a new router is definitely NOT the answer. It cannot be that the game kills the connections of a pretty new Router, buying new Hardware does not solve the main Problem. - People who think the way you do create games using way more power than they would need, like Metro, Splinter Cell Conviction,…

Any updates on this? I have yet to play again due to this ridiculous bug.

Revived. Unfortunately this is causing me to be unable to do anything in the game at the moment.

Join Rust - internet dies. Exit Rust - internet lives. Tried all the suggestions to do with max pings, download limit, etc. to no avail. Even joining server via console doesn’t work. Very frustrating.