[BUG] Rust Menu / Game Dark (DX11 - Native Resolution)

When playing rust since the update on 1920x1080 the menu and game appears really dark. If I put it to my native resolution at 2560x1400 the game is normal again, but I do not want to use this resolution as there is a huge performance drop. The only way I can currently get it to work is if I use the launch option “-force-d3d9”, which means it might be a DX11 bug.

Does anyone experience the same-thing? I would like to run DX11 but unsure how to fix this without reverting to DX9.

Graphics Card: AMD 7970
Driver: 15.3 Catalyst
Screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/IRC0Ao5.png

I have the same problem. Running the game in windowed mode seems to fix the gamma.

Card: Radeon R7 200 Series
Driver: 14.12 Catalyst