[BUG] Server workshop issues

I’d like to first say that none of the addons I’m trying to install are over 64MB according to the steam workshop.


My workshop.vdf file:

“1” “104990330” // WAC Aircraft
“2” “108907015” // WAC Community 1
“3” “108909229” // WAC Community 2
“4” “109977794” // WAC Community 3

Basically, WAC Aircraft will download but nothing else will.

Any help?

I can confirm this issue, it only seems to occur with certain addons.

I can also confirm this issue. It’s been happening for the past couple of weeks and has yet to be fixed. In the beginning of November all of my workshop items would download just fine, but now they just don’t want to. It’s weird because my home server can download 3/5 then my rented server can only download 1/5. I don’t understand the problem, but Garry really has to look into fixing this.

I posted the issue here; http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1226662

Some of the addons appear to be missing key information, so when they get the K/V table it just breaks outright for whatever reason. You can temporarily comment out the troublesome addons and the rest should download and mount as per usual.

I don’t get why they can’t just fix this problem. It’s been three weeks now and this problem is still occurring.

You aren’t alone.
I got a similar problem myself on my server but with another addon.
It seems like the problem itself is the workshop addon.

On my server I’ve subscribed to SCars Slim (104483020), SCars Basic (104487316) and SCars Extra (104492363).
Slim and extra will be downloaded but not basic. I know other servers have the same issues.
Basic just refuses to be downloaded on servers. There is nothing wrong with the addon.
Basic downloads just fine as long as you aren’t downloading it from a dedicated as far as I know.

I getting the same problem, but all addons works except SCars Slim, Scars Basic and SCars Extras.

Why can I download Slim and Extra but not basic?
Why can’t you download any of them?
This issue just seems a lot more random now. :suicide:

Yeah I explained it on my topic. Lets say I want to download 5 addons. My home server only download 1/5 while the server on my box downloads 3/5. I don’t get it.

Yup, so this is certainly an issue. A good enough fix for me would be allowing us to just shove .gma’s into the server addons folder and let the server identify and mount them.

Bump, apparently this hasn’t been seen yet and it’s clear there’s a real problem here.

I actually have the same issue as you, Sakarias.

I had Slim and Extras originally and everything worked fine. However, after attempting to mount Basic on my server, it will fail every time.

I’ve got 14-15 other addons, but so far SCars Basic is the only one so far that has failed.

Bump garry, please give us your word on this…

It’s only matter of time before Garry notices this thread.

Bump, again. ugh

I also had the same issue with my linux server over the exact same addon’s it annoyed me so I tried different things. Have you tried going to the github version of the community packs? and just install them manually into your addons. I have and it was successful give or take 2 or 3 helicopters being glitchy. Just use the workshop file to download the original WAC because it will work as it has for me.
Hope all goes well, if you need a link to the github of the community packs I’ll be happy to search for you.

Heh, you do realize I’m the one who made them right? I know to install WAC Aircraft by workshop.vdf but on installing the community packs via legacy pathway the server pretty much shits itself. Same happened for just WAC Aircraft before I installed it through workshop.vdf.

oh shit, you really are that was an oops moment. Wow, that is interesting I have a server up right now with all of them completely working minus 2. I don’t know really how to explain myself, I honestly just went into my server’s addon folder then svn checkout the link of your git hub file I believe.

Sorry for the idiocracy of not realizing your name haha. The packs are amazing by the way.

Heh, it’s okay. I know your method but it doesn’t seem to work on servers provided by GSP’s. Only on local srcds servers.

This is happening to me on my linux server… except it’s only 2 of the keyvalue errors and not a screenfull. I’ve narrowed it down to my own multi-parent addon… any ideas on what key info would possibly be missing? I don’t remember doing anything differently from the other addons.

I guess I should probably add that if I put it at the bottom of the workshop.vdf it still mounts and works fine despite the error.