[BUG] Servers need wiping after some time

After some time people are not able to build things, place eg. furnaces and players without sleeping bags are spawning in the air.

We had to wipe the whole server after 3 hours.

[editline]6th March 2015[/editline]

And - it happened again. Second wipe after next 2 hours.

Same for me.

Are you running map size 8000 by chance? Seems that the players falling from the sky thing is an issue with the 8k size, or was a few weeks back - for now I think don’t run a map size 8000 as I haven’t heard that that issue has been sorted yet, I know many admins are only running 6 - 7k sized maps because of this issue. Also caused long load times/lag etc…

Try a smaller map size and see if the issue remains maybe…