(Bug) Shelves in the sky

Hello everybody.
New bug mechanics. It allows you to put the shelves at each other.
With drawers and shelves, you can make a huge adjustment for databases that are not afraid of stability.

I can already see that it’s gonna take you lots of deaths in order to reach the top.

You forgot to blur out your toolbar.

Stacking shelves is a known exploit, I for myself saw it never abused while playing.

at certain skill to climb to such towers can effortlessly. The same data towers allow to fire at the enemy territory with a height that gives you an advantage .
In any case , this must be corrected mechanics shelves .

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the toolbar is not strange :smiley:

This isn’t by any means a “new bug” it’s been around for quite a while now.

And there would be absolutely no advantage in being on one of these towers when in a gun fight, they would be restricted to only moving around in a very small area, being quite slow (crouching) and moving cautiously, while the people on the ground can move about and hide from the bullets freely. Guaranteed the person on the tower dies everytime.

yes but this be used to raid from above …it should be sorted out …and now

If you have your buildings cupboards placed properly, then I don’t see how this can be used to “raid from above” this is no different to people towering up with stairs and jumping on to your house or over your walls, except it would cost a shitload more in resources, so I don’t see why anyone would do it over just building a normal tower. So it doesn’t need to be fixed now. It is of low importance.