Bug - Sleeper

  • Loot equipped weapon from a sleeper
  • Fight vs. other Player
  • Sleeper dies meanwhile
  • Auto drop your looted weapon to the ground
  • Die
  • Rage Quit
  • Confirmed

Are you saying that when you steal an equipped weapon from another player and that player dies, the weapon drops out of your inventory? Because otherwise, I really don’t understand your post at all.

He said, he stolen a gun from a sleeper, then he were shooting to another guy, when he was busy shooting the first guy /sleeper/ died somehow so the weapon he did steal from him dropped on the ground.


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So he died from a shooter, rage, he dced. Eot

Yes correct when the sleeper dies and you have his weapon that he had equipped in your inventory or in the belt it just gets auto-dropped on the ground.
Had the bug today and tried it with a mate and happened again :).