[BUG] Torch light radius different between perspectivesImage

In first person, the whole wall is lit and you can see pretty far, whereas in third person, the torch light is different and it lights up just on a small radius around you.

Here are pics for comparison:

First Person http://i.imgur.com/c3TTwCp.jpg?1

Third Person http://i.imgur.com/5Rk565k.jpg?1

This can be a problem if you’re holding a torch and your friend a weapon, as you can see enemies he doesn’t.

Just a small bug report that I hope the developers see and that it’s easy to fix. (also you can’t hear the sound of the burning torch if you’re not in first person)

(Source: I had the same exact situation happen to me and a friend in legacy, which led us to be killed by zombies, the bug is the same)