[BUG]Unity doesn't cache stuff


I have to redownload all the files every time. Tried disabling and enabling caching.

Chrome, windows7.

This is probably something Garry has to enable/configure. But since he is updating it constantly he might not want to implement it yet.

How long exactly does it take to download anyways? I missed the first registration period…

It seems like the cache files are stored somewhere in C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5…

Try searching for “rust_island_2013-trees” and you should find the exact folder.

Using Windows 7 and Firefox

Those aren’t there when you close the browser I’m guessing. If the game was actually caching the files it would be in the unity web player control panel.


Unity charges a premium / revenue share to use the official caching tools of it. The only games that will show up on that list you posted a picture of are those that do pay into the “Cache License” or can live with the 50mb cap between all other non cache license games ( which we cannot )

We don’t have that service and rely on the browser to handle the caching. And from tests using the 50mb cache they offer to share between all games, it actually turned out to be slower.

Ultimately its the browsers decision on whether or not it caches.

Those folders are hidden. To access them you need to manually type the path or search for files that exist inside of them or with a special program.

My files are cached fine, I have slow internet and it took 30 minutes first time loading. Now it takes about 40 seconds to load. I am using Chrome and http://unity3d.com/webplayer/ says Unity Plugin version: 4.1.2f1, but http://unity3d.com/webplayer/setup/ says Unity Plugin version: 3.5.7f6 . I have “Disable all caching” turned off, never have turned it on. I feel bad for people with issues on re-downloading, maybe state Browser/OS/and unity player version so we can get to bottom of these issues.

Like Pat said it has to do with browser caching. I am not sure why mine works in Chrome while other with Chrome it doesn’t work.


This will be a hit and miss with the caching then? I am not familiar with their license terms but couldn’t there be a local version that could fix the issues?

I really hate how companies hinder the scalability of things like this.

[Edit] Or create your own caching system for unity?

-multiple platform support
-easy to modify editor
-bundle support
-C# is fast, widely supported
-web player
-decent shader support
-deferred rendering

i would mention that the way unity works is simple and easy to understand, but that part of unity and things like send message falls on its face when you try to do anything remotely complex. things that you think would be simple, like drawing a weapon’s view model in front of everything should be easy but it’d probably blow most peoples mind to understand the amount of work around it takes to do that when your dealing with animated meshes, being 7km away from world origin and not having the vertices boil, receiving differed lighting and shadows without re rendering the scene, and then using a seperate near plane as to not cut off the back bits of the weapon. stuff like that isn’t so simple and unity support plainly put it as it not being possible with the way unity renders. When you run into those sorts of issues, you’ll be wishing you were on UDK. But generally when theres not an actual hard limit in place you can ushually figure out a work around that is fairly optimal with minimal sacrifices.

also things like the cache license, no hardware accelerated physx, poor control over audio in general, and very strange undocumented behavior/unserialized or inaccessable properties/frequent hard coded limits does suck. including some things with navigation like having to program your own way to figure out when a navagent has reached its destination…

but overall we pretty much use every feature unity has to offer ( minus occlusion culling/lightmapping which wont work on our scale, and have yet to try the new animation stuff ) and I don’t regret sticking with it at this point at all. When we started working on this stuff using unity 3.5, unity’s future for making something that looked somewhat AAA was a little bleak as it seemed like all new features up until 4.0’s announcement were all targeted towards mobile games. So when 4.0 added semi-full DX11 support and DirectCompute i was sold. The only down side to it for me, beyond the given of still supporting shader model 3 is that directcompute is really awesome and i want to use it much more but without some sort of opencl crosscompiler in place we’re kind of limited in what we can do with it without dropping support for non windows 7+ operating systems. Anyways though yea i like unity a lot, its a great piece of software with a hand full of dumb facepalm things to it that are ushually completely avoidable if you know where to look.

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Without going into too much detail and putting it simply; we did make our own loader at one point but you have to use one of unitys functions to get out the asset bundle from downloaded bytes and all those functions that are supported on webplayer do not work with either deterministic bundles or bundles that share reference between them. they may have fixed the issue with them since we tested last but in webplayer if your using one of those options ( i cant remember which or if its both ) they simply fail to load with this and we have zero access to disk on webplayer so this isn’t a option either.

With that said though, last time i talked to Garry about i think he mentioned that there are ways we could set the webserver up so that we’ll have more control over the browser cache. So hopefully that will eventually work out