[BUG] Unity trouble

My computer is very weird.
First off i have not got my beta key so that may be a factor.

The problem is i get an error while running rust through my GPU and through different browsers.

It’s a unity model download error.

Sorry for any trouble. Thanks!!

EDIT: OH AND MY FRIEND CANT LOGIN, THE BUTTON WONT WORK FOR SOME REASON, just want to put that to see if there is a fix

At first glance I’d say the server is doing something (i.e they’re doing an update and/or a wipe) so maybe that’s the cause, or there’s just so many people playing the server is sluggish with downloads, but that’s unlikely as it handled 1000+ people before the registration + beta key requirement.

Must be bigger than a wipe, unless they left and went to bed and are going to carry on tomorrow.

Just got a key :d Still having that error though D::