[Bug] Unresponsive Health Bar

It seems that the health bar doesn’t really reflect the state of your health. No matter how much I bleed or how many times I get hit, the health bar stays full. This has lead to me seemingly randomly dying several times, when the screen just fades to black and says “You are dead”.

  • I’m using Mozilla Firefox
  • My OS is Windows 8
  • I have Intel Core i3-3320 CPU
  • I have Nvidia Geforce GTX 480

Picture for what it’s worth:

I tried restarting the game (quitting tab, new tab) and now it works

Yea, its a caching issue again. The bug existed, and we fixed it. but the version of rust in your cache is out of date. Ushually closing all windows of the webbrowser and restarting rust fixes it. but you may need to use cache killer or something similar.