Bug: Update 02.28 Kicked out/freezing during fights

As the thread describe I get kicked out of the server and or the client locks up.
Last fight I did see the person I was shooting at lay down on the ground sleeping (guess the same problem hit him). I was able to take him out, then a new enemy from behind I hear a gun go off and hit me, trying to use bandage/syringe and client crash.

Happend to me a few times today and after the update.

Happens to me several times today. Game freezing then crash

Nice of you to confirm, at least not alone with this issue.

Same here by my friends and me.
The problem is when you have too much loot in your inventory and you are running far, you will got a crash.
After the crash you can´t join the server until you died.
If you have about ~5 Items with you, you can play normally, but thats suck!!!

The problem started yesterday by windows user and the update tody started the problem by linux users, too.
Hope the bug will be fixed, couse we are playing other games and are waiting for Rust updates

I’m having the same problem, game crashes nearly everytime I’m fighting another player

Same problem for me.