[BUG/WARNING] Players impersonating other players

Hi, not sure where bugs are meant to be reported, so I’m sorry if this is the wrong place.

Me and a friend were playing on a community server where another player logged out, changed their IGN to my friend’s, logged back in and spamming stuff in chat and started hassling us and other players (which is an issue when the blame is then placed on you!).

This guy would then log out and log back in with another player’s name. He copied 3 or 4 people’s usernames.

I’m not sure if this is a Rust bug or a Steam exploit.

I haven’t seen this reported on the forum so I thought I’d bring it up here.


He was probably using their names + an invisible character at the end, a friend of mine used to do that on source games, and some people in rust have only invisible character names, so i’d assume it’s possible

I am pretty sure it is due to the fact that you can use invisible characters in your name at the moment like Ussyless said. The group I was with had about 7 guys in it and we had been fighting with some Koreans on the server. These guys sat and watched us talk/work together until they figured out who had mics and who didnt. Changed their name to one of the guys without a mic ran to our base and said in game chat “Skype isnt working. Can you let me in?” Thinking it was our buddy we obviously did until our real friend logged on and we all had a huge “wtf?” moment until we quickly realized what was going on. He was able to see our base layout and where we stored all the gear. They raided us the following day haha. So although I’m not sure if its a glitch it is definitely a problem at the moment.