Bug when creating and testing TTT maps (please help)

Hello. I’ve been making maps for TTT for about 5 month and a very weird bug randomly happened when I tested the map in-game.

This bug will end the round if I Pick up a prop, open a door, use a t trap, kill myself, get damaged, etc…I don’t know why this is happening and its annoying.
I could ignore this but i would like to test my map to make sure it works! this bug doesn’t occur on servers but i can’t host a local server.

Ways I tried to solve this!:

Verify game cache
Turned on ttt_debug_preventwin 1 and ttt_minimum_players 1
Tried other maps (still same problem)
spawned a bot
tried to respawn myself
tried map “mapname” in console (thats how I usually load up my maps)
make a local server

Please help me solve this problem. I understand if you don’t know how to, this is the stupidest bug that I ever seen.