BUG which i can;t explain in the topic (sorry it's too long)

Ok so sometimes when i’m playing RUST i have smth like lag. Players see that i’m staying in one place but on my screen i can go everywhere and build, kill players or zombies but i can;t pick up items from bp and boxes. They think that i have cheats. Anyone know how to fix it?. And I’m sorry for my bad english, it is not my forte …

I’ve always noticed that doors can be opened from across a long distance during lag using the same principle.

its called ghosting, happens to some users, look it up

this happens when you have lost “synchronization” with the server which basically means in simple terms that you are not fully connected

its like being in a weird state of limbo “half connected” and its quite a dangerous bug because you can’t really tell you are lagging out until you try to loot or gather something

it’s definitely not a cheat and there is nothing advantageous to having this happen to you, you can be killed because your character isn’t moving and you think you are

i believe this is the “ghosting” or “desynch” issue they have mentioned on https://trello.com/b/lG8jtz6v/rust as the user above me already posted

Hmmm … Can i fix it or do I have to wait until the authors can help players like me?

@Tidus7 Yes i was killed many times by players or zombies only becouse of taht bug … It’s so annoying :frowning:

No I don’t think there is a fix until the developers fix it but I do believe it’s high priority on their list and I think they tryed to fix it in this last update.

It should be fixed within a couple weeks I would guess, if not in the next update.

OK, so thanks everyone, I just have to wait for next updates ;/