Bug With Crouch+Jump

I was wondering if anyone has the solution to my problem. I can’t really record a video, so I’ll try to explain this as good as I can.

When you’re crouched down, you cannot jump until the animation from uncrouching is finished, this isn’t the case in any other source game. I wanted to know whether anybody has found/knows a possible solution to allow you to jump in the middle of the uncrouch animation. Any help is GREATLY appreciated.


I don’t think that would be wise to jump while in an animation. It would look like you are double jumping while half way done crouching. I’m probably wrong about the animation part but whatever I tried :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s actually to fix the way bunnyhopping works in my gamemode. Right now it’s impossible to work with elevation, I want to fix that.


Why are you bumping so often? Anyways I’m not sure exactly what you want but it might be something to do with http://maurits.tv/data/garrysmod/wiki/wiki.garrysmod.com/index2f73.html?title=Gamemode.HandlePlayerJumping

It looks more like that just handles the animation, not the actual jumping.

I’m not sure i understand what the problem is then. Are you simply not able to jump while crouched or is it you want to limit people from jumping while they are crouched making them stand up before jumping? Sorry if i’m being a little thick.

I’ve actually noticed an issue where if you crouch and jump really quickly over and over you’ll get stuck mid crouch sometimes (as long as you are still holding crouch). So this means that you can’t jump, although usually you can jump while crouched. And it also means that you can see and shoot over walls that you usually can’t while crouched but the enemy can’t see or shoot you.

You’re probably going to need a binary module to do this, I don’t think support for many player movements have been implemented yet.