Bug with DarkRP

When I go on a certain DarkRP server(Which is my favorite) I spawn in as the Uncomplete Half-Life 2 Player Model. My job is Joining/Connecting. I can switch jobs, my money is NIL(Which I know is 0) I can not pickup money. And I can not hear people talk, but they can hear me. I have no idea whatsoever on what to do, I have deleted my entire Garry’s Mod folder and that has done nothing. When I join other servers, everything works. Knowing this, must mean that it is the server’s issue, not mine. Please give me a solution to this problem.

Thank you.

I don’t understand what you expect us to do for you. If other players are working fine, it might be your PData was corrupted within a crash or something. Talk to the server owner

I have done that before this post was submitted. We concluded that we needed to erase my data from sv_db we have tried and it hasn’t worked, but a mistake could’ve been made while doing this. My data needs to be erased so the server reads me as a new user. Can you give me step-by-step instructions on how to properly do this? I also appreciate the relpy.