Bug with lock price (not the code one)?

Yesterday I tried to play on a new server (updated to the last version) and when I tried to craft a lock, which should cost 100 wood, at least that’s what was written, nothing happened and the console showed the message “Can’t craft item”.
When I asked to other players what was going on with the lock I just received imprecise and/or incoherent answers, well, the contrary would have been surprising…
So, I ask here, what is the real cost of the standard lock on v1222?

100 wood 10 metal frag and a tool cubard

Actually I think the server on which I was wasn’t updated properly:

In the updates section:
•Key locks now only cost 100 wood (no more metal frags required)

So for a reason still unknown to me, the displayed cost was correct but not the actual one.

It still needs metal fragments… BUG