Bug with mining quarry

Hi all, on our server since yesterday on 12 august, we have a problem with an mining quarry who get Metal high quality and today she make nothing. Do you have an issue for it ? She make no metal frag, no stone and no metal high qualitiy and it’s the alone mine who do that’s. We got 8 mining quarry and the other get no problem.

So basically mining quarries placed after the last major update suddenly stopped yielding the correct amounts?

Sounds like the ore map might have shifted after a server update, which is worrisome.

The last major update was the wipe…

With the last update todate the bug has not change so. And we got this bug only since today and only on one carry. The other carry high metal quality work so nice. So that’s why i don"t understand why she work and get nothing :s.

i saw this bug before, right in the first few weeks the mining quarry were introduced. basically you place a quarry, it give certain ressources. then after a server reset, the quarry doesnt give the same ressource. i think its due to the position of the quarry, or of the ore yeild of the map, being imprecise. when recalculated at server restart, it can be different than what it was when built. very annoying.