Bug with stairs?

I dont know if this is reported or what is it… But some of my stairs tend to break or just disappear. Not only me but some other guys also. I placed a stair, went offline for 2 hours, came back, and stairs were gone… Placed new, updated to stone and next morning were gone again.


Not really sure… It was like 4th floor stairs… And whole other building were full hp.

Never happened to me but what does need up dating is the stairs don’t fit in the middle of the doorway properly and is annoying!

It could have been stability… What’s the stability like on the building parts around that point?

There are definitely some annoying bugs with stability still, either that or ‘features’ that nobody seems to know about. We had a tower house where stability in certain parts would constantly go up and down despite there being no changes to the structure, which at one point caused some walls to break and they couldn’t be rebuilt there again.

Around 74-78

Likely the server got restarted for an update while you were offline. On restart, it recalculates stability and anything that doesn’t meet the requirement gets removed.

Stability is still a real issue in Rust that I really wish they’d repair. Similar to the OP, I have a door on a 3rd floor of a building that disappears with each server restart. The door frame is at 75% stability, the door is about 25%, despite the base being built solid with pillars everywhere and no issues with stability on the higher floors. If the server reboots, the door disappears.