Bug with the Advanced Duplicator

I have the latest version of wire and the duplicator and i found this bug (Sorry if wrong section)

I start garrysmod and join a server or singleplayer,
I select the toolgun (It says i’m holding the advanced duplicator),
I go to the spawnmenu and select some other tool (Weld),
The context menu of the advanced duplicator is stuck in my left upper corner and this error appears:

weapons\gmod_tool\stools/adv_duplicator.lua:1198: attempt to index a nil value

My tools still work and the duplicator too, only the context menu is “moved” to the left upper corner so i can’t see it when i press C or Q

Wiremod team can’t debug their own shit, ever, and when they do, they end up breaking other shit in the process (text screens have broken around three times now, lol) or leave debug messages behind (IGNORE THIS ERROR ABOUT COG_WHEEL.) Likewise, this bug has been around for a good while now (few months, at least.)

You should have posted this on their forums or something. Or not, because knowing them, they probably would have just told you that you installed it wrong.

JIAC, wiremod was put together by a whole community, not just one person. If you don’t completely understand what it does because you didn’t make it, its hard to debug.

It’s not hard to debug, wiremod team is only like 5 to 10 people maybe less not much of a community.

Edit* your best bet would be to post this at the wiremod forums.

They can’t communicate good enough between each other (as a team, keep that in mind, buddy, remember that link) to debug their shit before they commit a revision. A team is supposed to communicate with each other to solve issues like these. The simple fact they refuse to release official builds and instead opt for the “oh, we can make as many bugs as we want, it’s an SVN, you should expect it to be buggy and updated every minute!” excuse shows they can’t do something like that.

They’re obviously too busy adding amazing and revolutionary features to it like Data Satellites and CD Trays!

The messages telling you to ignore errors are there because you need to ignore the errors they are talking about. For whatever reason, those error messages cannot be removed.

They tell you that you installed it wrong because that is the most obvious thing you could have done wrong. If you show you have installed it correctly they’ll give other suggestions.


Some entities and codes have been written by people not part of the wiremod team and added.


Of course they check for bugs, but with there being like 150 entities or so in Wiremod, it’s hard to check every single entity for bugs after you change the code on ONE of these entities.

Your attitude makes me want to say: If you’re so good, recode it all from scratch and show us.


I’ve not seen a bug like this.
It may be some other addon conflicting. You could post a list/screenshot of your addons.
Maybe you are on a server with a very old version of wiremod while you are using the latest? That might not cause problems, though.

If you know fine well someone else will need to change your code, you should be kind enough to leave a few comments. Luckily for me, nobody else will.


Upper left. My server’s Wiremod was just updated two days ago by myself and I get the exact same issue. I have no addons installed on my client aside from a modified PHX3 with no lua files and the only clientside scripts I have don’t alter anything even remotely related to Adv Dupe.




and I love how everyone uses the “you need to make it yourself to criticize me!” gag. Why would I waste my time making something that’s already done? I’m simply saying it’s flawed.

Did you try installing it client side? I’m not sure but you might need to have it installed on your client as well as on the server for it to work.