[BUG] Workshop Tool Not Working

I click the file browse button and nothing happens. I type the filepath manually and it doesn’t do anything. I can do the remaining steps but when i try to publish it says i didn’t specify any files.

Also the window acts weird when i drag it and the caret fucked up and disappeared when i pasted text into the name/description field.


I’m on winxp sp3 if that helps any.

not happening, and i just sent out an addon that contains 5,500 files

I don’t think C:/Documents and Settings even exists.

Are you using winxp?

Seems to me like it’s a bug with GWEN and windows xp. i am able to choose a 512x512 icon using the file browser button but when i try to select my gamemode folder the file browser button does nothing.

Yeah it’s not supported on XP.

I can see what you think of XP garry


would be nice if there was a web-based version of the workshopper that worked regardless of what your OS is. but whatever, i’m getting a win8 ultrabook as soon as i can.

That would be awesome.

Wait doesn’t toybo-oh

No but seriously it would be nice if workshopper had that.