[BUG] Workshopper silently fails, addon gets semi-updated

Fixed some stuff for my parachuter addon http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=104496305 , decided to upload the fixes, I saw how there was a red “addons.txt” in the file list but thought that it would probably just ignore it and upload anyways, and so it did (I thought), the upload was really fast and it brought me to the workshop page. The thing that struck me was how “Previous Versions” showed a new version, but it’s date was the same as the last version.
Few days later, I notice how the same errors keep popping up on errors.garrysmod.com, while they simply can’t error anymore (erroring on lines that’s all empty), so apparantly the workshopper silently failed without me knowing. This is probably some design flaw and should be fixed.


Remove the invalid(s) file(s).