Randomly i cant connect to servers. This is very spuratic but also very annoying.

A common bug, most people recommend clearing your cache, I think its more to do with server load so it can’t handle your request and freezes until it can or just removed you from the load list. A lot more people have been playing recently so its wise to assume that the website and game will be slow. Though they have been making game client and server/webpage optimisations to compensate for this, they are just doing a private control test of that build before they release it to the Alpha-testers to…test >.<

Stick to one thread: http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1287838

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Since we always get requests for warnings about map wipes i figured it’d be good to inform you all that we’ll be doing a map wipe later today if all testing of new systems works out.

The reason for this is a change some of the ways we index objects in the save data, making the old save no longer valid. It also seems like its possible that we’ve used up object ids for placeable things other than walls/foundations ect, as the notorious -117 error has popped up again today.

We’ll be moving most everything that you can place to the new entity id subsystem that we have been already using for structure components. The usage of the subsystem started saturday afternoon and afaik we have not been forced to do a complete map wipe since because of it until now. The change to use the new subsystem on all placeable items should further the duration quite a bit before we run into new limitations.


A bug? Squash it! :v: