when u get in the water… u get wet i know… and u slowly die (wich is weird) also u get cold that fine… and i use a fire / meat after to refill my life when im out of the water. (this helps sometime)

But when ur fully geared with weather clothing or anything. u still die… so. u lose ur stuff instant… also… looting? if you die you dont have a chance to run back to ur corpse and retrieve the goods… it will instantly disapear. and that sucks.

ALL clothing has no values at this point and you can eat underwater IF you have wolfmeat.
This games is PRE alpha, and MANY things are not implemented, sorry.

Well … i know that it is alpha… but befor the last update it was kinda all fine. (befor that i dint die fast)

body vanishes after about 2 minutes, but that’s often not long enough to retrieve your gear.

thanks maybe i can do something with this :slight_smile: if its realy 2 min that i need to eat some peppers to run faster maybe