BugBait with Hammer?

I have been experimenting with Antlions for a mod I hope to make with my friends (Including custom dialoge cut scenes, and prehaps hads that DONT belong to Mr. Freeman) The entire mod is baised around the amazing power of the bugbait and if I can manage, portals
However I have one major issue, the antlions LOVE to attack me, no matter how much I change with these antlions, put them in the same group, switch Ignore Bugbait to off, (I also tried on… no change) but they just keep trying to make me tasty bug nuggets…

How can I make it so the antlions will respond to the bugbait in a way that doesn’t kill me?

I would also like to note Gmod is my major testing program, which is why I put it in this thread.

I think what the HL2 creators used was ai_relationship for the antlions. And use a different game to test it with (perhaps HL2 itself, or ep2, etc.).

ok I will test that out, and I frogot to include this in the Original post, I’ve tried this with both HL2 and EP2 (Ep2 for the newer source engine) and had bizzard results, EP2 they just ran to the spawn and ignored the bugbait, where as in HL2 they first ignore me, untill I throw the bugbait, than they hate me

Edit: Ok I tried Ai_Relationship, but it only works on NPC to NPC for me, how can I make this player?

Env_global should be able to make antlions friendly to the player.

ok I set ENV_GLOBAL to Antlions are player allies, and, well frankly, they still hate me, these seem like options that would work, but for some odd reason they just hate me
Anything else I should try (and please note I am now testing on HL2, the original, because antlions are working in game there, so I figure its safeist there)

Use a logic_auto entity, I think there’s an option in there to make antlions friendly.

ok Logic_auto worked, and for my own protection I added the overcharged Grav Gun
However they will obay the Fly to command of the bugbait
But, they dont follow me, and one of them doesn’t move
Any way to fix that
(by the way i would just like to say thank you all who have given me ideas)

Did you add AI nodes?

would I need to do that to allow them to follow me? would I parent them to the player start? or just set up thousands of diffrent nodes so they chase me around in a friendly playful dog way?

You need AI nodes for any moving NPC or they can find a path,
Its like a guy telling a blind guy to get where his finger is.

And also try and look at the VMF included with the Source SDK of the half life 2 level with the ant lions being friendly.

Yea I was goofing around with Construct earlier (sorry garry) to see how everything worked there, and i was shocked at how many AI nodes were there…

I’m glad that my levels are just a lab like setting, less AI nodes to put in.
I will look at that VMF, see what I can come up with

I just got around to testing the AI nodes, it helped in a sence, I added the nodes, and they could now get to where ever I threw the bugbait much easier and orginazied, but they still wouldn’t stalk me…
Should I add hint nodes too?