Bugged Animals

It’s pretty obvious that the AI for the animals is currently switched off

However I think the animals are an integral part of this game, it stops bandits from carelessly running finding new players to shoot; as they may get chased by a bear or wolf.

It also makes food more important and harder to get.

Anyone know if Garry has said if and when the animals’ AI will be returned to a working fashion? I find it helps a lot with the bandit problems in this game.

I’m sure it will be turned back on soon enough. Maybe they are working on making the AI better? I don’t know. But I highlight doubt they’ll leave them as they are right now.

OP, comon. . .this isn’t a game yet. The devs dont bend to your will, but their project schedule. Please read the bug reports and you should know better that this issue is reported, acknowledged, not to mention this product is in early alpha and the devs are not only aware, but have their own schedule of many other issues, in addition to this, that they are tackling.

Again, This product is not a game yet, and any expectation for it to be is just mis-guided.

I can’t imagine that you or anyone else are really that inexperienced to think that it won’t be addressed in due time. . .as “Early Alpha” continues.

Cik you put a lot of words into my mouth here, I said nothing of what you just proposed that i did. I simply asked if there was information on the subject and why. The rest of what you threw in here is hogwash.

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This is completely off topic from the OP, however i’ll field this one anyway.

I paid for access to an early alpha, crowd-funded game and therefor I have every right in the world to give my opinion on the direction the game will take, as a stakeholder in its development process.

Sorry…I quoted you precisely, and your premise that this is a “Game”, rather than what it says it is on the home page, “This is in very early public development.” Enough said.

So nothing has been said as to why they were disabled and when they’d be returned, or are you just trolling the forums? Do you have an actual answer to my question?

I guess more mature gamers that have been involved in early alpha stage products know better to think that devs will allow static animals to remain passive and inconsequential into a commercial product.

Again, i asked a simple question about what has been said about it – and you chastise my maturity?


Ya cant wait it’ll make a noticeable difference.

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Didn’t mean to hit dumb heh

yeah was confused to see that lol
That guy really didn’t understand that I was just simply asking a question… I searched the forums and couldn’t find any info on it, nor anyone knew in game as to what’s up with them. They were enabled about a week ago.

I also don’t buy into the idea that crowd funded alpha games don’t mean that I can’t have my own say – i believe it means I can say even MORE because I’ve already put money into the development process of this title. I am actively playing it as well, so the animals do concern me.

I don’t know where this guy was getting off at, but it was somewhere in crazy town.