Bugged health bars?

Hello everyone.
For the past couple days I’ve been playing on the Skynet (GER) server, and I noticed that most building parts had waaaaay too much health. Most walls were at double their regular health (2000 for armored, so 6 C4 to blow down one of them), same for doors, pillars…, and foundations were even worse (8000HP for armored, so… Yeah… 24 C4 for a single one). Has anyone noticed a similar issue? Maybe it’s a plugin problem, but I’m asking anyways.
I don’t think it was meant by the admin to be like this, as health bar showed 2000/1000, like a couple weeks ago when doors were nerfed and existing ones showed 1000/500.

Sounds like a plugin, I have never witnessed this.

Okay, so I came back on the server to play (the friend I play with can’t play during the week so we only play Rust on weekends) and asked the server. Turns out it was intentional, to compensate for the (very) high gather rates.
The thread can be closed, thank you.