buggs like shit gg since hotfix/update (devblog) 61

Happy shit Facepunch

so nice to see u make more buggs/fails by a hotfix/update

  1. Invisible Players GG wtf going on ? Me and my friends killed several times player and came invisible back and stole all our stuff GG idiots.

  2. U can see standing still players like NPC’s but my friends told me they are 100m away from me … next bug wow

  3. btw fix your shit cheap wolf bug(same with bear) , i killed him before he attacked me and i got dmg ahahahahah (Early access yeah ofc) your first Version was a Early Access too 1 year later its still a Early access (Alpha) lmao

Today was it my worst time ever in Rust maybe care and controll more your updates before release … like other dev.

(Rust Exp.)

The English is not strong with this one.

Nor is the brain.

gratz with 1000th posts lol

Hahaha. Didn’t even notice that. That’s a great 1000th post.

seriously, a little courtesy goes a long way. that was a shit post.

yes, yes it is:)