Buggy-like offroad thing

Live/solid axle suspension in the rear and independent suspension in the front
Semi-wheel powered. It has wheelpower on the rear wheels but it spins out of control so I added a thruster to make it actually go forward

Other information:

Not the prettiest thing I’ve made but it works like it’s supposed to :v:

Maybe I should release it… dunno yet.

Your screenshots suck :frowning: All I can see is wheels, engine and a bunch of pipes.

I’m no photographer D:

That’s pretty much it, or is there something else that I’m missing??

I like it, but it looks kinda unpractical.

Um…Nice. Better pics tho. xD

Weird, it’s like the Cross Over suv of buggies, minus the room for 5 adults.

^^^ How do you get the spare tire out D=
Try stretching it out, maybe a little wider too.
Not to be picky but… about 2/5s of the things here are Buggy-like offroad things… Nobody really looks up to these anymore :confused:

You take out the engine and cut off some pipes, how is that not practical? :smiley:

release it:D

What are you doing.

Stop that.


what’s with all these bumped threads