Buggy Menus! (PICS)

Not sure what the problem is, I’m hoping it’s not my graphics card…

I just installed garry’s mod on my new computer, it’s the only game that has problems

I just get wacked out menus and gui errors…


Well, if you can screen cap it, it might not be your video card.

Are you using DX 7…

You mean launch options?
-dxlevel 7

Yes without it the game can’t even start without crashing

Yeah, it does that in DX 7, no way to fix it other then using a higher level of DX…


Also in DX7, you cant see the weapon list, your crosshair; and everything else is generally hard to do.

Which dx do you reccomend? I’m a bit behind with all the new gmod slang

No, it’s your graphics card, Any Intel 945 IGPs can not handle Orange box effects. Solution: Upgrade.

I’m on a default gateway laptop… I was really hoping this wouldn’t be the problem.

Well I fixed the problem but I have to run the game in a window and have my derma directory in a window and as derma re-installs(Over and over again) I have to delete it over and over again while playing/ joining servers.

In the meantime it works great though, only wish there was a permanent solution to such a dam common issue.

It’s not a common issue, your laptop isn’t good enough to run it.

Screenshot takes the data from the Vram, it is most likely his video card.

Has anyone noticed his spawn menu (prop menu) is out of date? i think he is using a pirated Gmod.

(UNLESS he is using that weird menu changer thing you can change the font of your menu and what not.)

Really doubt it, the pirated versions are very old and even before the Orange Box, also the achievements in the game menu is a pretty new addition. Of course you can’t be sure that there’s not a new recent pirated version floating around, but I highly doubt it.


I’d just assume that that’s a side effect of taking a screenshot with a crappy direct x version.

I’d still ask if it was Pirated. But that’s just the whole lot of us buggers :V

Isn’t pirated, I bought the game a few days after it came out.

Both 9 and 10 I think are well worth 10$…

Anyways any tips on a video card? Could a driver update help?

DX10 is the solution. Buy a real video card.

His spawn menu is using a derma skin, the other one that comes shipped with Gmod :downs:

His graphics card / chip is flipping out, he needs to upgrade.

But this is the problem: [DERMA] I can delete it as soon as it autoinstalls and the game runs great!

I’d just like a permanent solution to get rid of derma for good.

No, your running Intel 945 VGA chipset, so it’s still gonna crash when you blood or explode shit in the orange box engine, so the solution is still upgrade.

Do I have to bring up my GFX help Thread into this.