Buggy movements?

Hi all.After 2 weeks without playing Garry’s mod (because my comp was broken) I started playing it again,and I noticed that the player’s movements are…how to say…kinda laggy?buggy?
But it’s only movements,if I move props,if I see players or npcs moving,they are fine.
I mean,before the movements were fluids,even for noclip you have the impression that you were sliding.And now it’s weird,I first thought that was a problem from my pc,but that’s not,I played other source games and it works perfectly,it’s Gmod.I asked a friend and he told me he has the same problem,he said it comes from the latest gmod update (with a command which has been considered as a hack,or don’t know what).So I wanted to know if you have the same problem,and if Garry will fix it?Because it’s horrible,I have the impression i’m playing tetris…

If it’s with noclip, find a server that has it updated.

Well,that’s not only noclip,it’s also when I’m walking.
And I only plays on Mr Green Zombie Survival.But I’ll see for another server if it has the same problem,but I think it’s yes because in singleplayer I still have the problem.

Then change your pc.

Huh,I just said all my source games were working clear,I have no problem with movements,it’s only gmod,do I have to reinstall it?

Idk, try?

Atm I will let it,I will go on vacation in a few days,when I’ll be back maybe there will be updates or not,if not,I reinstall it.

It is a “stuttering/jerking/lag” problem that hasn’t been fixed yet (if ever will). Type host_timescale 0.3 in singleplayer and try to walk/noclip, that’s what he probably means, it’s really annoying. It’s barely noticeable on my old poor machine, but on this new one with wide screen and all it is really noticeable and hugely irritating.

If you think this is a engine problem go to HL2 or some other game and put cheats on and write host_timescale 0.3 , enjoy smoothness.
I really wonder what Garry did to make it this bad.

This has been discussed on various places already, for example here: http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=762884

It’s not an engine problem,every games I usually play works fine,it’s only gmod.
I saw your link and hell,yeah,new noclip is bad,old one was the best,you didn’t have the impression you’re playing a 32 bit game,crappy movements etc…
Hope Garry will fix it.

I might have the solution to your problem Yoyo. It might be because your vertical sync is off in the video options. Vertical sync when turned on makes it so your movement is much more smooth and not bumpy but it takes alot of your Fps down. When off it makes the fps alot higher but you see strange artifacts on the walls. Im pretty sure if you make your refresh in the Nvida settings to 75 hertz or just make your screen refresh as high as it goes it will increase your fps while having vertical sync on. It worked for me so… It might just work for you! Good luck. Try it your self.

That is exactly the problem/bug. It is because the movement is not smoothed anymore. I hate to repeat myself but “host_timescale 0.3” shows quite well what I mean. It does happen with normal game speed too, but is barely noticeable, but is still seen with relatively good computers because they can still show the updates. It looks like screen tearing when I move near a wall, I think I need to take a video or something to prove it.

And to be honest I would like to keep my high fps… I don’t have to lower it in any other game either.