Buggy Spider Snpc (Plz Help!)

Its me (Again…) Requesting Help.
As i have quit Garrysmod for one year, (return in 2012) I Was making my own code, when NOTHING SHOWN UP! No spawnlist (Even made an autorun) Not even the models in the Browse Section…
Plz heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp!
File download to see it yourself: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=HCZJ9CTW
omg! The time wasted…
My Version Of Silverlan`s Dark Messiah Spider…
It Seems Almost Impossible To Get Atleast One Of My Codes Working!

Have you quit garrysmod for a year till 2012, but you still decided to code something… what?
It would be better posting your code, thers a bigger chance people will even care of seeing it if you display it on the site, rather than you have to download some stuff off megaupload.

I Was Recovering My Computer! I Thought it`d be long and im already back! 2, when i ask for help, Im Not Asking For You To Open Your Big Mouth Whit careless smart-ass talk. And 3. Why Would I Upload Something That Doesnt work, To An ACTUAL Download site? Becouse Garrysmod.org ISNT a Place for non-working objects!

Woa, calm the down there. Your grammar and spelling isn’t very easy to decode, I’m sorry for not being a magicman with orbs to see into your brain.
I never told you to upload it somewhere, I told you to post the code on the site, yakno, copypaste. With lua tags around it.

U mad bro?

He’s just saying it would be better to post code (faster for you, faster for everyone else) instead of uploading it. People feel uneasy when they are downloading something they shouldn’t have to download.

Don’t piss your pants for fucks sake.

And not to mention, downloading it takes extra time and I’m a lazy son of a bitch.