[BUGS] Amsterdam Server

As most players have played on the Amsterdam server and tried to play on it they saw that there is no loot spawning, no animals, no Rock piles/Wood piles. The only place to get wood from is trees, Also as that is the only way to get wood, You cant craft, If you craft a object and the timer finishes your game will crash. Also so everyone knows this is a Very early alpha server for rust, It will be fixed so its playable this is for the devs to also read so they know what is to be fixed on the new server. Thank you fro your time reading this Garry, Pat, And Helk.

There are piles around the unstick, but you have to reconnect for it to appear.

If you find an animal, if you attack it, it does nothing.

You can interact with anything else though.

theres another server???

Zombies and players are invisible as well.
Rendering bug as it was yesterday.

It’s worse today due to you being unable to interact with certain objects because of the lag, even when you see them.

Some players of our group cant even use the relogg “fix” to see stuff arround them, everything just stays invisible for them

I hit a deer with an axe over 30 times, and it didn’t even flinch…

Servers aren’t working properly… Me Mad!